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How to Overcome Addictions

Help for Overcoming Addictions Help for Overcoming Addictions

In the lectures on Understanding and Overcoming Addictions Dr. Carney explains the Cycle of Addiction and why it is that some of us become addicted to various substances, or behaviors. None of us would consciously decide to become addicted to a hurtful substance or behavior. Instead there is a perceived benefit which leads people to not see the substance or behaviour as harmful. In fact the substance or behavior is actually perceived as helpful. To be addicted is to be enslaved to a habit-forming practice that we know harms ourselves, having come to the realization that there is no benefit to be gained from the substance or practice.

Once we truly realize that a substance of behavior is harming us then the big questions for all of us is; WHY would we do such a thing? What is the motivation? How can a person overcome the harmful habit? People do the behaviors because they somehow make them feel better. This is where the cycle of addiction begins. It is a natural law that what goes up must come down and the same holds true psychologically. None of use are immune. We could all ask our selves the question: Am I doing anything self-destructive?

Dr. Carney helps participants to understand the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviors and how these can be harnessed to overcome addictions. She shares knowledge she has gained from reading such books at The Easy Way to Stop Smoking to explain the two monsters involved in every addiction. One monster is physical and the other monster is psychological. One monster is error and the other monster is truth. Once these monsters are understood the path to overcoming addictions becomes easy to navigate.

These lectures are very powerful. We have seen the lights go on, so to speak, in rooms full of people who find the knowledge and understanding they need to become freed from addictive substances and behaviors. The lecture involves food choices which Dr. Carney sometimes refers to as biochemical willpower as well as deep rooted psychological reasoning's.

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