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Women's Health

Promoting Health in Hawaii Promoting Health in Hawaii

Dr. Carney particularly enjoys speaking to women about all aspects of their Health. She developed a seminar on Womens Health from pregnancy to the end of life. Our entire life is effected by lifestyle decisions starting with decisions of an expectant mother that impact not only herself but also the ongoing health of her unborn child. Throughout our youth decisions are made for us that impact our health for our entire lives. As we age, and obtain some autonomy, we are able to make decisions for ourselves that also effect our health and eventually those decisions may effect the health of other human beings. Dr. Carney wants optimal health for every aspect of every woman's life and is very motivated to share this message!

Even though this seminar is about womens health and speaks to issues that effect women primarily, it is also a topic that should be of great interested to any man who loves a woman, be it his mother, girlfriend, wife, daugher, other family member or friend. Therefore men are also very welcome, and encouraged, to attend these lectures. Some of the problems that effect women such as excess estrogen also effect men's health in negative ways.

Some of the topics discussed include, but are not limited to, how nutrition affects fat levels and how fat levels affect estrogen levels and how elevated estrogen levels affect cell growth. This cycle can negatively affect menstrual bleeding, breast health, uterine fibroids, uterus removal, sex after menopause, infertility, osteoporosis and cancer. Another subject of great concern to Dr. Carney is the prevalence of premature puberty that we see in industrialized nations consuming largely of animal proteins and fats. She also discusses the cause of breast development in boys. These are all problems that are aggravated by an over-estrogenized population.

Dr. Carney teaches what causes excess estrogen and also how to help your body to reduce excess estrogen. You will see some very interesting similarities between the molecules of Estrogen, Cholesterol and Testosterone and learn how a low-fat plant-based diet can help to increase fertility rates, build strong bones, decrease menstrual cramps and PMS, make breasts less tender, prevent some hysterectomies, cancers, acne, anemia, migranes arthritis, and pain from ovarian cysts and fibroids.

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