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Callie's Cancer Part 3


Guest Blogger Contribution.
Obviously, a blog about a house cat is hardly appropriate for a site dedicated to human health, but I feel that Callie's story is indeed significant to the human side of cancer. This post is Part 3 of Callie's Cancer blog that was posted on Monday, 22 August 2016 and of Part 2 that was posted on Wednesday, 25 January ...

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From Survive to Thrive: Patty's Cancer Journey

Patty Before and After

I followed Dr. Carney's blogs online for a long time before making my first appointment. Three years earlier I had become plant based due to a breast cancer diagnosis. That was an adjustment. I finally started to get into a groove with support groups and books I was reading but found myself disillusioned in a system that I did not want to be p...

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Eating Pickled Foods Increases Stomach Cancer Risk

Eating Pickled Foods Increases Stomach Cancer Risk

Pickled foods are foods that have been preserved in an acidic medium. Almost any food item can be pickled, including fruits, meat, and vegetables. The preservative medium used in processing most pickled foods usually contains vinegar, salt, nitrite, nitrate, and seasoning. Salt, nitrate, and nitrite have been linked with the development of stomach cancer. Pickled...

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Cancer is a preventable disease that requires major lifestyle changes.

A healthy lifestyle may contribute positively to cancer prevention.

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