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Sean Carney has been an Internet enthusiast since the very early 1990's and his initial interest in the Internet was as a way to disseminate good health information. Now many years later not much has changed! He still believes in the two rules he posted on his cubicle while working on eWorld at Apple Computer in 1994: Rule #1: The Internet is Everything! Rule #2: If the Internet is NOT Everything; Refer to Rule #1 And, Yes, I am open minded!  :-)

Health Festival and Clothing Give-Away

Dr. Carney Lecturing at South Austin Health-Fair Dr. Carney Lecturing at South Austin Health-Fair

​Many people came out to receive health education, have their vitals checked, and receive free clothing along with other household supplies, at HealthCheck, sponsored by the Austin South Adventist Church. Who would have imagined that so many people would want to take home a brand new mop? Those mops were a huge hit! &n...

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Dr. Carney Speaks to USDA for New 2020 Dietary Guidelines

Standard American Diet vs Whole-Food Plant-Based Standard American Diet vs Whole-Food Plant-Based

​The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as well as the US Department of Health and Human Services has invited 20 nationally recognized food and nutrition "experts" to serve on their 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, meeting five times starting in March of 2019 and ending in March of 2020. Three of these meetings...

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Hormones, Energy and Fitness Presentation

Four Hormone Similarities Illustrated Four Hormone Similarities Illustrated

​On Sunday Oct 19th, 2019, Dr. Carney gave a talk at the ATX Alive Potluck. For those of you not yet aware of it, ATX Alive is a PlantPure Community formed as a result of an appeal made at the end of the video PlantPure Nation and is the Austin Texas Local PlantPure Community. The talk by Dr. Carney was titled "Food, Mood, and W...

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Dr. Carney Speaking at Plant Fit Summit

Join us for the Plant Fit Summit Join us for the Plant Fit Summit

We are pleased to have had Dr. Carney invited as a speaker for the Plant Fit Summit. We are equally pleased to invite you to participate in the Plant Fit Summit running from August 31st to September 9th, 2019. Dr. Carney is one of the many great speakers.  So, why might you be interested? Today's modern diseases, ...

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Dr. Carney Maui Interview by Dr. Van Dyken

Linda Carney MD interviewed on Maui by Irminne Van Dyken MD Linda Carney MD interviewed on Maui by Irminne Van Dyken MD

On the last day of Linda Carney MD's trip to Hawaii for the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii, Dr. Carney was interviewed by Irminne Van Dyken MD for Dr. Van Dyken's Out of the Doldrums YouTube channel. This interview was conducted in the rain forest of Honolua Bay on the northwest side of the Island of Maui where...

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The Real Truth About Weight Loss Online Summit

The Real Truth About Weight Loss Online Summit Sign up for The Real Truth About Weight Loss Online Summit

I am happy to announce my participation in The Real Truth About Weight Loss online summit which will be available for free online viewing from March 16th to March 24th, 2019. Registration begins on March 1, 2019.   Please join me and 32 other of the world's most respected doctors, researchers and nutritionists as we share T...

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Plant Super Powers Free Online Summit

Dr. Carney's Plant Super Powers Interview With Jul Nov Dr. Carney's Plant Super Powers Interview With Jul Nov

PLEASE NOTE: We were a bit overwhelmed by the demand from this event. We are contacting every new user at DrCarney.com to find out which video they would like to download. We are then sending them download codes. This is taking a lot longer than we anticipated. Please be patient with us. Thank you.In the meantime we are also making o...

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July 4-8, 2018 Vegetarian Summerfest

North American Vegetarian Society Logo

It is with great pleasure that we announce Dr. Carney having been invited to speak at the 44th Annual Conference of the North American Vegetarian Society this coming July 4th to 8th. The conference will be held in the Conference Center at Pitt-Johnstown, on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, PA. There ...

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From Health Scare to Health Care

Sara Shannon Before and After Pictures Sara Shannon Before and After Pictures

My journey to health began in the wee hours of the morning in early 2014 when I awoke to an unsettling, fluttering sensation in my chest. Lying in bed, I put my fingers to the side of my neck to check a pulse. I glanced at the bedside clock and timed the beats over one minute. Two hundred and twenty beats. More than double a normal heart ...

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Ken's Engineered Type 1 Diabetes Whole Food Plant Based Low Fat Lifestyle

Ken in His Engineering Lab Ken in His Engineering Lab

Previous experiences with my doctors were extremely difficult because they wanted to control my Type 1 diabetes by prescribing specific medication doses and defining what I should eat. But, none of that was working. I felt extremely diseased and disabled. I was kind of terrified from all that and so decided to apply the techniques of my profession:...

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Shirley Loses Weight Loss Surgery, Pounds and Pills

Shirley Before And After

I started to think that I needed to do something to improve my health in January of 2016 when I went to the doctor and took the Boston Heart Test. It consists of 3 full pages of tests. I did not understand all the numbers but I did understand that my numbers were way out of range. I had wanted to have a gastric bypass surgery but they told me that ...

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Linda Carney MD Interview by Lee Fulkerson Director of Forks Over Knives for PlantPure Summit

Dr. Carney was privileged to be interviewed by Lee Fulkerson, director of Forks Over Knives, during PlantPure Summit 2016. She was one of many excellent speakers. Her interview is embedded below: 

To watch the video interviews of the other presenters check out the Pl...

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