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Discovering Dairy Alternatives

Almonds With Almond Milk There are many alternatives to Dairy Milk

Most of us grew up believing that milk plays an important role in the development of strong bones and teeth. Studies reveal however, that the countries that consume the most dairy products have the highest incidence of bone fractures. In contrast, those countries that consumed the least amount of dairy had the lowest incidence of bone fractures. That is not what we were led to believe. So, how do we make sense out of this?

In the video below, Dr. Neal Barnard examines this paradox by showing that animal products such as meat, eggs, and dairy cause our bodies to lose calcium. He also explains ways in which we can build bone density.

You will also learn that cancer research has discovered other components of dairy, such as animal protein, hormones, and growth factors that promote breast and prostate cancer.  Diabetes research indicates that early exposure to dairy can encourage type-1 diabetes in young children.  Therefore, research demonstrates that those who consume dairy products develop risk factors associated with serious health problems.

Fortunately there are many alternatives to drinking milk from cows or other mammals. In fact there has never been an easier time to ditch the dairy than now. Most grocery stores carry dairy alternatives and the upscale stores like Whole Foods Market carry an abundance of different dairy free milks. So, what are you waiting for? Said goodbye to dairy today and hello to better health tomorrow. 

That said, do be careful because you may quickly learn that some of the non-dairy products do not meet my Starch-Smart® guidelines regarding fat content and as such should be used as transition foods while moving closer towards a Starch-Smart®, Starch-Smarter or Starch-Smartest lifestyle. Bon appétit!

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