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Are You Eating Like Royalty?

Are You Eating Like Royalty?

A review of the best scientific literature establishes beyond reproach that the majority of disease seen by medical professionals today is a direct result of our quest for, and reliance on, animal-source food. This is no surprise to Dr. John McDougall, who has seen thousands of people thriving on plant-based diets and has yet to see anyone that is protein, calcium, or otherwise nutrient deficient in his 40+ years of practicing preventive medicine. He does however, see patients on a daily basis that suffer from "dietary excess." The toxic effects from excessive protein, fat, cholesterol, acid, refined carbohydrates and salt/sugar work together and contribute to catastrophic rates of "diseases of affluence." These dietary induced illnesses were seen long ago in affluent classes such as aristocrats/royalty like kings and queens. Ancient art of these affluent societies reveals how overweight and ill they were. Those that could afford richer foods (meat/dairy) suffered from dietary induced illnesses such as obesity, heart disease, arthritis, autoimmune and diabetes.

Dr. McDougall explains in the above video clip why Americans today are overweight and sick. "Everyone today eats like royalty. People are overweight and sick because they eat like aristocrats of old. Kings and queens 3,000-4,000 years ago suffered the same diseases...yet everyone can eat rich foods now." Breakfast consists of bacon, eggs, toast with butter and a glass of milk. Lunch is a double-cheese burger with fries and a milk shake, and dinner is thick steak with dessert. Dr. McDougall emphasizes that it's the composition of the food on our plates that's making us ill. Population groups that base their diets on starchy whole plant foods are not only healthy and trim, they avoid the dietary induced diseases of the Western world. Dr. McDougall illustrates this fact in our previous blog, "What Makes Us Sick?"

These video clips were taken from the documentary "Processed People." If you'd like to view more clips from this documentary, click here.

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