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Don't Drink Your Calories!

Don't Drink Your Calories!

If you've been trying to lose weight and haven't been successful at it, the below video by Chef AJ (author of Unprocessed) may help you achieve your weight loss goals. Chef AJ does a wonderful job of explaining how eating foods in their "whole form" promotes satiety by providing both volume (bulk) and intact fiber. She emphasizes that we should eat our calories instead of drinking them.

Beverages such as alcohol, fruit juice, soda, fruit smoothies and designer coffees can contain hundreds of calories. Many people may not even be aware of how many liquid calories they consume on a daily basis. Although fruit juices and smoothies are delicious and an easy way to consume more antioxidants, it's easy to overindulge with these foods.

Because 3,500 calories equals one pound of fat, for a person to lose one pound a week, they would need to burn off or eat 500 fewer calories per day. For many, losing one pound a week could easily be done just by eliminating high-calorie beverages.

Chef AJ demonstrates these concepts by using glass vases filled with whole apples, applesauce, juice and dried apples. She points out that the stomach can hold approximately one liter of food. To fill the stomach completely, it would take fewer whole apples than it would applesauce or fruit juice. Eating whole foods (as found in nature, in its original form) fills the stomach quickly, resulting in fewer calories consumed; thus promoting weight loss.

Processing food in a blender creates a "pre-digested" food by breaking down the natural fibers and reducing its bulkiness. In fact, when Chef AJ empties the contents of the blender into a bowl, she comments how it would be difficult for her to consume the same amount of food had she eaten it in its whole form. Furthermore, processing food changes the physical properties, causing a more rapid absorption of sugar and concentrated calories. The rapid absorption of sugar produces an insulin response, which contributes to rapid weight gain. This is especially true when fruits are juiced, since the fiber is removed entirely. Fiber plays an important role in weight reduction by increasing the time it takes to digest food. Additionally, it keeps us feeling full longer and helps to maintain steady blood sugar levels. Click here to learn how fiber prevents and reverses disease, how it prevents breast cancer, and how 97% of Americans are deficient in this nutrient.

Smoothies can add too many concentrated calories without aiding in satiety and compromise weight loss efforts for those struggling to lose weight. For this reason, it's always best to choose whole foods over processed ones, especially for patients with diabetes, and those trying to reverse an illness. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn advises against the use of smoothies and juices for patients who are reversing advanced heart disease.

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