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What Makes Us Sick?

What Makes Us Sick?

Dr. John McDougall has been studying, writing, and speaking out about the effects of nutrition on disease for over 30 years. In this two-minute video excerpt, Dr. McDougall talks about his early experiences as a sugar plantation doctor on the Big Island of Hawaii where he provided medical care to three generations of people.

During this time, his observations led to a clear understanding regarding the association between diet and disease. Those first-generation patients who had originated from China, Japan and the Philippians ate diets rich in starchy grains and vegetables; as a result, they were fit, trim, and had no evidence of heart disease or diabetes. They also maintained their good health and activity well into their eighth and ninth decade. Their children and grandchildren however, traded their traditional vegetable and starch-based diets for the typical American diet. As their diets became more Americanized, they became sick and obese.

Witnessing first-hand how animal-based diets promote obesity and chronic disease was a pivotal moment in Dr. McDougall's career. This observation also revealed how dietary and lifestyle choices profoundly influence our overall health, more so than our familial genetic history. This is best demonstrated by observing native people groups who eat their traditional starch-based plant food diets and are trim and healthy. When they immigrate or switch their traditional diets with a more Westernized diet rich in processed foods and animal products, they become obese and suffer from the same dietary-induced diseases that Americans do.

Uncovering these truths inspired Dr. McDougall to change the way in which he practiced medicine. We are so very grateful, since Dr. McDougall's dedicated work has been foundational in establishing a new approach to preventing and reversing disease. This two-minute excerpt is taken from the documentary "Processed People."  Learn More about Processed People HereAdditional clips from Processed People can be viewed here

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