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Health Festival and Clothing Give-Away

Dr. Carney Lecturing at South Austin Health-Fair Dr. Carney Lecturing at South Austin Health-Fair

​Many people came out to receive health education, have their vitals checked, and receive free clothing along with other household supplies, at HealthCheck, sponsored by the Austin South Adventist Church. Who would have imagined that so many people would want to take home a brand new mop? Those mops were a huge hit!  The majority of people came seeking free clothing and toiletries. There was also a very high demand for diapers and baby wipes, for which some of the recipients expressed gratitude with tears welling up in their eyes. 

Even though most were interested in the free clothing, the "stations" were set up in such a way that the great majority also listened as Dr. Carney spoke about the power of a whole-food, plant-based, no-oil lifestyle. which prevents and reverses disease, especially obesity. The fifteen minutes long weight-loss presentation was repeated by Dr. Carney to each new group of arrivals. Over and over to all who attended over the 5 hour HealthCheck, she repeatedly presented the seminar Secrets of Weight-Loss Success in English as well as in Spanish, from noon till 5 PM. Thank you, Rut Castillo, for your help in translating, especially the questions from the audience.

Participants interested in learning more were also offered free DVDs of one of Dr. Carney's Videos or a copy of the fascinating video Ancient Health, which shows cat scans of the mummies of pharaohs whose diets differed from plant-centric to meat-heavy. Each participant was also invited by Dr. Carney to attend the ATX Alive PlantPure Potluck held on the third Sunday of every month at 12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM at 132 Eberhart Lane, in Austin, Texas.

After Dr. Carney's weight-loss presentation (complete with free samples of oil-free vegan foods), visitors were escorted to the nurse's station where free measurements of blood pressure and blood sugar were offered. Would it surprise you that most wanted blood pressure checked, but, not so many wanted their fingers pricked for glucose testing?

A press release brought us the privilege of media coverage, as KVUE TV sent out a reporter who put together a wonderful story which then appeared in the afternoon news. We are embedding that video for your enjoyment here:

This Health-fair was conducted at Austin South Adventist Church, the same church which donates their fellowship hall monthly to ATX Alive for the Austin, Texas vegan community. But this time, the tables were turned as several attendees from ATX Alive offered their services to the church and community, donating quality clothing and household goods as well as volunteering their time. They showed up to assist the members of the Austin South Seventh-day Adventist Church, who were very happy to work together with the ATX Alive helpers. May this spirit of mutual helpfulness continue on.

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