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Michael Klaper, MD

Michael Klaper, MD

When Dr. Michael Klaper came to the conclusion that the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) was either causing or intensifying many of his patients' illnesses he took action. He began studying the effects of a dietary, exercise and plant based nutrition regimen that helped to elevate the health of almost every test subject. Even Doctor Klaper, who also participated in the study, benefitted from better health and the melting away of 22 lbs of "spare tire" from his waistline.

He takes great pride in his ability to help his patients understand complex medical topics in plain English. He uses his radio show "Sounds of Healing" to spread his message in Washington D.C. and Maui.  Dr. Klaper also has DVDs for sale as well as many free instructional videos available online.

One of his videos, entitled A Diet for all Reasons was one of the earliest videos supporting a plant-based lifestyle. The Carneys were thrilled to be able to work with him at a week long lifestyle program in Austin and get to know him and become his friends!

The  embedded video  is from a Dr. John McDougall Advanced Study Weekend presentation given by Dr. Klaper.

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