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Association between dried fruit intake and pan-cancers incidence risk: A two-sample Mendelian randomization study

Preferential consumption of dried fruits may be beneficial for the prevention of several forms of cancer, including oral, pharyngeal, lung, breast, pancreatic, ovarian, and cervical cancer.

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Dose-risk relationships between cigarette smoking and cervical cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Cigarette smoking may facilitate the transformation of normal cells in the cervix into cancerous tumors.

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Cigarette smoking and cervical cancer: Part I: a meta-analysis.

​Women who are cigarette smokers may have a high tendency of developing cervical cancer.

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Cigarette smoking and cervical cancer: meta-analysis and critical review of recent studies.

​Cigarette smoking may heighten a woman's risk of having cervical cancer.

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Vitamin A and risk of cervical cancer: a meta-analysis.

​Consistent consumption of foods high in vitamin A and high blood levels of vitamin A may help prevent the development of cervical cancer in women.

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