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Is heavy alcohol consumption an attributable risk factor for cancer-related deaths among Japanese men?

Fondness for alcohol may up death toll from cirrhosis, liver, esophageal, and head and neck cancer in men.

Does heavy consumption of alcohol affect a man's chances of dying from cancer? This study set out to provide answer to this question. Researchers monitored the alcohol drinking habits and mortality records in a study group consisting of Japanese men over a 5-year period. 

Researchers noticed that excessive ingestion of alcohol increased cancer mortality risk in men. Up to 80% of deaths from cirrhosis, liver, esophageal, and head and neck cancer in Japanese men were attributed to high intake of alcohol in this study. The data from this study demonstrated that men who enjoy taking alcohol are liable to die prematurely from cancer arising from the esophagus, liver, head, and neck.

Research Summary Information

  • 2000
  • K Makimoto, H Oda, S Higuchi
  • Department of Nursing, Kanazawa University, Japan.
  • No, Free full text of study was not found.
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