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Should We 'Eat a Rainbow'? An Umbrella Review of the Health Effects of Colorful Bioactive Pigments in Fruits and Vegetables

A diet that promotes the consumption of brightly-colored fruits and vegetables may be beneficial for our health.

This research work studied the health benefits of eating colorful fruits and vegetables. Data from over 37 million persons who participated in 86 studies were analyzed for this study. 

Researchers identified a favorable association between the intake of different colors of fruits and vegetables and reduced risk of cancer, total mortality, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, healthy body weight, and lipid profile. This study recommends that filling our plates with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables may help keep our body weight within a healthy range, improve our blood lipid levels, and protect us against certain chronic diseases.

Research Summary Information

  • 2022
  • Michelle Blumfield, Hannah Mayr, Nienke De Vlieger, Kylie Abbott, Carlene Starck, Flavia Fayet-Moore, Skye Marshall
  • Department of Science, Nutrition Research Australia, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia. Bond University Nutrition and Dietetics Research Group, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University, Gold Coast, QLD 4226, Australia. School of Clinical Medicine, University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD 4072, Australia. Centre for Functioning and Health Research, Metro South Hospital and Health Service, Buranda, QLD 4102, Australia. School of Environmental and Life Sciences, University of Newcastle, Callaghan, NSW 2308, Australia. Research Institute for Future Health, Gold Coast, QLD 4227, Australia.
  • Yes, Free full text of study was found:
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