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Fiber and saturated fat are associated with sleep arousals and slow sleep wave.

Low fiber high saturated fat and sugar diets are associated with lighter, less restorative, and more disruptive nighttime sleep.

This study investigated the relationship between dietary fiber and saturated fat intake and nocturnal sleep. Researchers fed 26 normal weight males and females between the ages of 30-45 years with a controlled diet for 4 days followed by self-selected meals on the 5th day. The nighttime sleep duration, wave, and arousal were assessed in all the subjects.

Researchers discovered high consumption of fiber was associated with more slow wave sleep (SWS) and less stage 1 sleep. High intake of saturated fat and carbohydrates promoted less slow wave sleep and more intense sleep arousals respectively in this study. No difference in sleep duration was observed when subjects were fed with either a controlled diet or an ad libitum diet. The results of this study support the body of evidence that linked lighter, more aroused, and less restorative nocturnal sleep with the consumption of low fiber high saturated fat and sugar diets.

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