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Acute caffeine ingestion reduces insulin sensitivity in healthy subjects: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

A significant reduction in insulin sensitivity may be found in healthy individuals who consumed caffeine regularly.

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Whole grain intake and insulin sensitivity: evidence from observational studies.

Frequent consumption of whole grains may help enhance insulin sensitivity in individuals.

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Nutrition, insulin, IGF-1, and cancer risk: a study of epidemiological evidence.

High serum concentrations and bioactivity of insulin and IGF-1 may promote the development and proliferation of cancerous cells.

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High caloric intake at breakfast vs. dinner differentially influences weight loss of overweight and obese women.

Regular intake of high-calorie breakfast and low-calorie dinner may promote weight loss and improve the conditions of obese women with metabolic syndrome.

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Interactions of dietary whole grain intake with fasting glucose- and insulin-related genetic loci in individuals of European descent: a meta-analysis of 14 cohort studies.

Genes may influence the plasma insulin-reducing activity of whole grains in persons of European descent.

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