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Straight Up Food: Delicious and Easy Plant-based Cooking without Salt, Oil or Sugar

You really want to enjoy all the great benefits associated with a whole-food plant-based no-oil lifestyle. So, you decided to hop on board the 'healthy vegan train'.

While you may be seeing the positive effects of consuming 100% plant-based foods for your health, you may not enjoy eating the same limited repertoire daily.

Meals like a plain green salad with a side of frozen vegetables will not be satisfying as daily fare.

Like everybody else, vegans also want to please their taste buds with a variety of delicious meals and at the same time stay healthy by eating a well-balanced diet.

This is where the cookbook Straight Up Food shines by offering plenty of healthy recipes that taste amazing and are easy to make.

I love the no Sugar, Oil, Salt (SOS) emphasis of this cookbook and highly recommend it.

Written by Cathy Fisher, a seasoned cooking instructor, her health-promoting cookbook leads you on a voyage exploring nearly a hundred mouthwatering and healthy plant-based options.

This easy turn flat spiral-bound hardcover book is filled with beautiful photographs, absolutely tasty recipes, shopping tips, healthy cooking techniques, and an index of individual ingredients.

All the recipes showcased in this cookbook are very easy to follow, completely plant-based and devoid of salt, oil, gluten, sugar, processed foods, and animal products, such as meat, eggs, and dairy foods.

In addition to featuring a plethora of delicious vegan recipes, this recipe book also provides useful educational information regarding the benefits of eating whole food plant-based; the health risks associated with consuming salt, sugar, and oil; and nutrient and calorie breakdowns for all the recipes.

Furthermore, users will find helpful guides on menu planning, how to understand the information on food labels, how to cook and bake without oil, and how to prepare healthy salad dressings.

Cathy Fisher has opened many peoples eyes to see how whole foods can be simply prepared and be simply delicious.

Make your vegan lifestyle 'pop' with the cookbook Straight Up Food.

Her recipes provide lots of healthy and super-sumptuous plant-based ideas. Try it; you'll like it.

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