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Power Foods for the Brain: An Effective 3-Step Plan to Protect Your Mind and Strengthen Your Memory

Who doesn't want to be smarter?

Dr. Neal Barnard's book Power Foods for the Brain will put you on the path to a healthier higher functioning brain.

His three step plan is simple: put power foods to work, strengthen your brain, and defeat memory threats.

Barnard's book will explain which foods are best to consume and which are best to avoid for optimal brain health. He also suggests ways to keep Alzheimer's disease and strokes at bay.

Also included in Power Foods are 75 recipes designed by chefs Christine Waltermyer and Jason Wyrick as well as games and exercises to improve your brain function, and a guide to keeping aluminum out of your diet.

Power Foods for the Brain has a little bit of everything to keep your mind healthy and sharp for the rest of your days.


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