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The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle

Lifestyle Center of America's Complete Program for Overcoming Diabetes, Restoring Health, and Rebuilding Natural Vitality

A revolutionary program for combating and reversing diabetes.

Over the past ten years, Lifestyle Center of America has emerged as the center in the country that offers a proven-successful program to combat - and even reverse diabetes and its adverse effects on the body.

Now available in book form for the first time, LCA's program enables individuals to actually get to the root of their problems by teaching them diabetes alleviating lifestyle-changes: the power of diet, activity, and stress management.

It also shows how to:

  • Eliminate counterproductive habits
  • Adopt therapeutic and preventative nutritional changes
  • Overcome insulin resistance with a new lifestyle medicine paradigm
  • Achieve motivation and inspiration through pro-active healthcare coaching
  • Understand the extraordinary benefits of a plant-based diet for diabetics
  • Energize with a unique, simple, and effective intermittent training exercise program
  • Take ownership of one's own health and future


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